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The Emerald Garden Resort is in Ao Nang,  far just 23 km. from the Krabi airport,
 in the South of Thailand


Ao Nang is a fragrant tourist centre leaned out on the Andaman Sea just 23 Km. far from the Krabi International Airport, definitely affirmed as the new tourist destination of Southern Thailand  

Emerald Garden Resort, where you can enjoy your holidays in the Krabi Ao Nang area.

This Land of ancient Ethnics and exotic landscapes is currently the most required, appreciated and equipped tourist destination of Far East, able to offer all kinds of Hotels, Resorts and vacations.

Our Hotel Resort offer you holiday packages able to let you live magic emotions, they will vitiate you with the ancestral culture and with the kind smile of the Thai people.


The Emerald Garden Resort in Ao Nang

- ..."Back to the ugly mini-van: we now find my guides and I totally exhausted. Upon arrival at my hotel, The emerald Garden Resort in Ao Nang, I discover, to my horror, that all the staff have left for the day. Woe is me - how am I supposed to check in now?

Thankfully, it is only in a country like Thailand - where trust is the name of the game - will you find a tree class hotel (which costs hundred of Singapore dollars a night!) that could leaving a key at the reception desk for you to pick up and check yourself in, ...but a pretty receptionist take care it all the time just for you! 
( by a guest travel diary)

Enjoy cheap vacations and Bed and Breakfast in Ao Nang and Krabi, fragrant tourist centres leaned out on the Andaman Sea just 25 Km. far from the Krabi International Airport, definitely affirmed as the new tourist destination of Southern Thailand, where you can get cheap holidays by our Vacation Packages .

Krabi Nightlife

Here, the sun set at 6.30 pm. By this time, you could stay at our local bar beach that serves local beers and cocktails and enjoy the sunset on the sea. Everybody are smiling and the persons looking like very happy.

- "... Later, scantily-clad ladies go up to sing sad, sad Thai songs. I watch in interest as the ladies are garlanded. One tall beauty sidles up to me and declares that she will sing a song if I buy a garland. Garlands, I am told, help boost self-confidence. Women's magazines need to know this fact ASAP. I consent to buying one, and proceed to drink as much beer as humanly possible so I can avoid having to talk to anybody else..." -
( by a guest travel diary)

is still a young destination and many shops do not accept credit cards. Cash is king.

Try and tip if you were given excellent service. Rates range between THB 2O-3O (SGDO.85-1.25) - of course, you can tip more.

Avoiding drinking the local tap water and ice at roadside stalls or you could get a case of the "runs"...

Thai people are always cairn and polite. Under no circumstances will they face any situation with aggression. Therefore yelling and getting angry will accomplish nothing.

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